By Andrew Yeung, Pharm.D.
February 15, 2016

Blood Glucose Machine Tracing

Recently a focal point for surveyors is blood glucose machine tracing - first start with blood glucose machine quality control, how to clean (bleach only - air dry)? High BS control range? what if out of range? - focus on BG accuracy which affect insulin use and pt care and safety.  Check your manufacture recommendation and follow accordingly.

Do you have a thermometer in your med room and document it daily? better to have one - focus on med safety.

Author Description

Andrew Yeung, Pharm.D.

Andrew is a Lead Consultant Pharmacist at SCRx. He has experience at Sharp as a Systems Consultant Pharmacist and was Director of Pharmacy at Palomar Pomerado, Pomerado, Charter and Vista Hill Hospital. Andrew has Doctor of Pharmacy and a Fellowship in Geriatric Pharmacy from USC. He also has a Fellowship in Consultant Pharmacist from ASCP.

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