By Andrew Yeung, Pharm.D.
January 11, 2016

Survey : Narcotic Use Tracing

Surveyors are now focusing on Narcotic Use Tracing. Our last three surveys included a Narcotic Audit.  They are looking for accuracy of charting, unnecessary drug, pain management and diversion.

Narcotic use tracing – pick a patient who uses narcotic for a few days.  Start from order, transcript, receive med from Rx, pt request pain med, remove from stock, signed out from inventory sheet, is the count correct, charted given, two nurses sign shift change count, record pain level, is it effective? How do you dispose it?   Did you follow every step?  Many deficiencies are being handed out.


Author Description

Andrew Yeung, Pharm.D.

Andrew is a Lead Consultant Pharmacist at SCRx. He has experience at Sharp as a Systems Consultant Pharmacist and was Director of Pharmacy at Palomar Pomerado, Pomerado, Charter and Vista Hill Hospital. Andrew has Doctor of Pharmacy and a Fellowship in Geriatric Pharmacy from USC. He also has a Fellowship in Consultant Pharmacist from ASCP.

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