By Mais Faraj
Pharmacy News
September 21, 2015

Critical Medication Shortage From Manufacturer

Please note that the following meds are on back-order (Not available from manufacturer and no release date for 2015) and we are currently experiencing critical shortage :

Meropenem / all strengths
Primaxin (Imipenem- Cilastatin) / all strengths
Zosyn (Pipracillin- Sulbactam) / all strengths
Unasyn / all strengths

Suggested alternatives depending on diagnosis and severity, include but not limited to the following:

- Meropenem and Primaxin could be switched to Invanz (same class and coverage, except Invanz does not cover Pseudomonas) 
- Zosyn could be switched to Penicillin G, or Oxacillin, or to Unasyn since we still have some supply available.

A culture sensitivity report ( if available from hospital) may help in determining appropriate alternatives as well.

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Mais Faraj

Mais is a clinical pharmacist at Superior Care Pharmacy.

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