By Derek Ishaque
About SCRx
July 20, 2015

Nurse Consultant | Mildred Libed

We are excited to have Mildred Libed join our team at SCRx to help our SNF nursing teams with their Medpass, Medroom and Medcart pharmacy services.

Mildred has over 25 years nursing experience and has worked as a consultant for many leading SNF providers in San Diego and Los Angeles including: Plum Healthcare, Ensign Group, Generations and more.

As we grow, we continue to look for ways to enhance our team and services.  If you would like to work with Mildred please let us know. 



Author Description

Derek Ishaque

Derek is the Owner and CEO of SCRx Pharmacy. He has previous experience in Investment Banking at Bear Stearns and private equity at Bridgescale Partners. Derek has a B.S. in Finance from USC.

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